Where to hurry ?

Almost everybody is in a hurry. Sometimes reasonable , sometimes not. Speaking to ourselves – I have to be there in 10 minutes… I have to shorten time because others are waiting for me … If I will be late people will be nervous because of me … I need to work more quickly because I got more tasks to make more money and I need to do them quickly … if I will not run, Black Friday will finish without even a piece of “low” cost in my hands … and so on and so on. I need to be quick, we usually think, but I agree it is humankind who wants us to be quick (I.M.T. Smile song text variation). I do not need to explain more, you know it very well, but here I would like to highlight one of that speed factors which we can change in our minds – it is transport, specially travelling by car. You cannot speed-up train or ship or plane (unless you are pilot or captain 🙂 ), while speed of your car is fully under your control and mind. I did not calculated yet what is better – travel longer at lower speed or shorter at higher speed (I want to know it really, but I have to be run for higher priorities right now …) – what do you think – what  releases more energy and CO2 into environment ? Smart people investigated hard and defined speed limits – there are reasons behind that values and the top priority is safety, for sure. You know how many accidents happen on the roads daily, how many people die or are injured, how much energy (consumed to produce cars) is just thrown into the bin (bin in this case means our environment of course), how much energy and carbon it costs to repair all damages caused by car accidents – all that energy revert at the end into the heat and  CO2 released to air, water, ground – of course nobody wants that not only due to environment but at first due to lost emotions (we miss our beloved so much). 

Yes we can drive fast, but why ??? What do we win ? One minute, 10 minutes or even 1 hour (if driving really long distance) – is it worth of everything we risk (I think nobody is perfect 🙁 ) ? I think to have in mind to keep speed limits is something we have to realize when entering car even behind timing plan. Or should be worth to think about it even before – when we makes our schedule … It is not needed to add too much , just that one minute, 10 minutes or even 1 hour (if driving really long distance)…

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