Thing`s second life

Every product we make has its primary designation. Knife is done to cut, car is to move us and other products from one place to another, TV set to show us what is new around us or just to leave our brain to relax without necessity to use it for a while. A lot of things can be used after they did their original reason of existence – plastic bottles can be re-filled by drinking water – for our trips – after they delivered us their original content (I hope we can agree that at the end of their existence in our hands they should be recycled). There are hundreds of other ways how to use them – see Youtube šŸ™‚ for inspiration… And that is only one example. I got a chance to meet similar kind of thing`s second “life” – re-using of wooden pallet. For sure it is not first time when somebody did a table from used wooden pallet, but I like it as a small piece of energy will need to be generated only after some time, when wooden pallet table will be destroyed by power of time ….

P.S. See before and after status of the table, designed and created by BuBa (master of beautiful blog )and Tibor in Tuscany style in July 2019.

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