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I play an “electrical” game with my family members. They are switching lights in our flat on and I am switching them off. There are no rules of that game and I “invented” it by myself.

Invented in quotes because already my parents and grand parents where always asking me – “Did you switch off the lights ?” when I was under their control. Reason for them was simple – money saving. Circa 40 years ago environmental problems were not in the forefront of interest as now. My apologize to the people who realized environment problems many many years ago, thank you.

I do not reproach my sweethearts that they have to switch-off and I just switch the lights off when I see no one is in the room and lights are on. Maybe they are frustrated by me that they have to switch light on again and again, I do not know šŸ™‚ But for sure I know that they know why I am doing this …


There was a discussion several years ago about energy saving or wasting electric energy by often switching on and off lights in our flats and houses. There was voice to switch off lights as soon immediately (when not needed) supported by obvious reason – to save electricity. But there was also second voice not to switch off lights when I know I will need them in 5 minutes. It was supported by reason that start-up of the lamp consume several times more energy (to warm-up body of the bulb) than just lightning itself . Therefore it is reasonable to keep lights on if I know that in few minutes I will need them again.

I prefer to switch off immediately, because last time I heard about this story ( maybe 5 years ago) higher consumption of energy was measured only for short time (basically in seconds) as I`v seen in TV . Do you have another opinion ? Or even better, any reliable data ?

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