Short way to save time ?

We all know it – shortest way is saving … At least nowadays, when we are running whole day to catch our needs and wishes. We have to run (at least we think) because we have to go to work, go to the doctor, go to cinema, go for launch , go to meet friends , go for holiday, and so on and so on. Or better is to say run, run, run … ? I think so, who does not run, is not fast enough for information age šŸ™ . It is also visible on small signs around us , I am sure you can see this one :

You know it, right ? There are plenty of asphalt or stone pavements around us, but surprisingly (?) also shorts across lawns and even parks. I heard that Japanese developers does not build sidewalks in parallel with finishing of the buildings , they let people find the shortest way instead. The way people choose is usually visible very well on freshly aligned ground. And only after some time they build pavements on those highlighted corridors trampled down by human foots. I like that idea instead of a wont I see nearby to me. Maybe my information is not completely right, but more important is the message – imagine that instead these short are pavements and instead of pavements is grass and flowers … Wouldn`t it not it be better for us ? More oxygen from grass, rain better absorbed by ground, less dust flying in the air, more energy consumed by plants. At least , I think, grass looks better than the most beautiful pavement …

P.S. For sure, there is a lot of people who think about this item, thanks a lot…

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