To Meat or Not to Meat

I grew up in society where eating meat is normal and meat is available for almost everybody. I heard that meat is source of energy, that there are proteins which we need and cannot get from other food, that people are omnivores by nature, that roasted meat has unique flavour Continue Reading

Heavy air

Heavy air ? Maybe you smile and basically you are right. If you have a look into picture bellow, you will understand why I am saying heavy air. Of course, I mean that it takes quite important portion of energy to transport air from one place to another as transport Continue Reading

Switch on/off

I play an “electrical” game with my family members. They are switching lights in our flat on and I am switching them off. There are no rules of that game and I “invented” it by myself. Invented in quotes because already my parents and grand parents where always asking me Continue Reading

Living mower

People who like farming knows well that sheep is like living mowing-machine. Grazing sheep moves up and down, eat the grass (even not the first quality) and fertilize fields. Usually we knows that sheep are bred in the mountains nevertheless they can survive also in industry areas. Sheep can partially Continue Reading