People are Beautiful

We people, do great things. We build great cities, buildings, roads, bridges, art pieces, cultures, societies, relations, ships, technologies and much much more. Over centuries marvelous jobs have been done through tough work, diligence and endurance powered by visions, desires and aspirations. We all live and everybody has his own way to go. We of course like to live, but we also have plenty of dreams, wishes and pleasures to complete to have our life more satisfying. And our children, their children, and their children … will do as well. We live our life in certain environment. Everything what is around us, interact with us and we interact with it, making impact to each other. To keep environment we like to see, touch, smell, feel is necessary to act to preserve and retain, develop and cultivate. People understand that over last 200 years a big bunch of energy has been released to our environment and brings not only benefits we all like, but also effects we do not like so much. As those effects can destroy our hopes to travel, yearning to see destinations, liking to eat delicious food, pleasure to see blue sky, mollification by feeling rain, safe home, opportunity to meet people, opportunity to do party, and much much more, we should do something to sustain our Earth Homo sapiens friendly. People are smart and clever, they do already millions of things to save our planet for us and our successors with high effort and enthusiasm. I am only a man, as everybody is, in everyday life I can do just little things, but try to multiply result of these little things by 7 billions … So, let`s share the small things. For sure, they are done by thousands of women and men everyday, but I hope at least some of them will be new to adopt and share further … Have always a nice day !!!